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All our driving instructors in Morden are courteous, professional and are fully qualified ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructors). They display the required green badge on the windscreen of the car while teaching you and are all licensed by The Driving Standards Agency (DSA - an Executive Agency of the Department of Transport for the government set up under the provisions of the Road Traffic Act 1988).

For your security, the DSA is responsible for maintaining and checking the standards of all ADIs. To qualify, they must: be registered with DSA, have passed a criminal record check, pass a much tougher theory and practical driving test, and pass a test of their ability to give instruction, display an ADI identification certificate on the windscreen of the tuition vehicle, maintain a high standard of instruction - DSA checks this standard regularly.

All our instructors fulfil the standards required and are CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked for your safety and peace of mind.

In addition to the standard qualifications, licensing and testing, we also ensure that all our instructors are motivated, patient, fun and use the latest teaching techniques. Learning to drive can be a fun and enjoyable experience in the right hands. Emphasis on safety remains our utmost priority at all times but we find that relaxed and happy students learn far more effectively and quicker than students who are nervous or feel uncomfortable.  

You can choose to learn with either a male or a female instructor so that you feel completely comfortable throughout your lesson programme. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable with your instructor, please let us know and we will match you up with another to suit your needs and schedule all over South London.  



Instructor helps girl with steering in pass plus in morden 

 Have a look at what some of our old students had to say...

So Quickly and Confidently...

My Driving Tutor assigned me an excellent teacher, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone that is looking to pass their test. I just want to say thank you so much! I could never have done it so quickly and confidently without you! William Ireland   |   12/08/2016  |   Morden

Making My Lessons Personal to Me...

I would just like to say a very big thank to my instructor Suresh for helping to me to pass my practical test with such expertise. Not only was he patient with me, but he was also very encouraging and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. His teaching methods helped me to visualise exactly what I was required to do, making my lessons personal to me, something my friends couldn't find with their driving schools! I would certainly recommend My Driving Tutor to anyone at all. George Robinson   |   19/07/2016  |   Putney

Fun and Enjoyable...

From the first time I sat behind the wheel, I was made me feel totally at ease, after a quick assessment lesson my instructor was able to personally tailor his teaching method to me, which enabled me to get the most out of every session. Not only where the lessons well planed out, we also made them fun and enjoyable from the smallest details like how to check tyre pressure, right through to the big details like emergency stops. This is why I was able to pass 1st time with only 3 minors in just 18 hrs worth of lessons, My Driving Tutor is truly the best in the business and I would recommend them completely to anyone who wants to start learning how to drive. Freddie Kenyon   |   17/03/2015  |   Wimbledon

Creating Safe and Happy Drivers...

I was always impressed with Suresh's patience and good humour, he explained instructions clearly and coherently, never batting an eyelid when I ask that he repeated them again (and again!). His relaxed and friendly manner puts even the most nervous of learner drivers at ease and makes you feel confident in your own ability. Most importantly, he is a great teacher and gets the results both in the tests and creating safe and happy drivers Hannah Owen   |   6/10/2013  |   Morden

A Tall Order But The Challenge Was Met...

I presented Suresh of "My Driving Tutor" with a Mission: To help me pass my driving test with only 6 lessons before the test date, which happened to be only one day before my theory test was to expire. I hadn't driven in London for more than ten years and my previous two attempts had failed miserably about 15 years ago. Worse, I was now a motorcyclist. So the challenge was to polish all my previous 30 years of driving vices acquired all over the world in only 6 lessons in Camberwell, London. A tall order. But the challenge was met and I passed with only 6 small mistakes in my test. Well done Suresh! Highly recommended instructor. Very grateful indeed. Anthony Bar-Adams   |   7/10/2014  |   Morden

Very Calm, Logical Way...

I had a very positive experience with My Driving Tutor and my driving instructor. She has a very calm manner, does not mind repeating instructions, and brings out the best in you as a driver. I particularly liked the reference points she created for all the manoeuvres and the logical way she explained certain driving rules. I would definitely recommend Affinity to anyone thinking of learning to drive. Natasha Hibbert   |   15/01/2016  |   Putney

Learned Much More, In Half The Time...

I had been trying to learn how to drive with different driving instructors on and off for eight years, with long periods in-between where I had given up and came to believe that I was incapable. After miserably failing my first test with a different instructor, I had a few lessons with Suresh where I was lead out of my comfort zone and taught how to deal with all of the things I was anxious about (roundabouts, reversing around a corner and bay parking). I was taught systematically and at a pace where I could absorb the detail and understand what I needed to do in order to pass the driving test. My erratic work schedule was not a problem as Suresh would always be happy to do lessons very early in the morning. I had learned much more with him in half the time compared to my previous instructors and have been recommending him to friends ever since. Ewan Davidson   |   8/05/2016  |   Morden

Very Dedicated to Supporting Students...

I would highly recommend Suresh to anyone learning to drive, and particularly for those who lack confidence, or are simply discouraged by previous experiences, and really need someone who is patient, calm and very dedicated to supporting students throughout the whole process. Suresh’s professionalism and positive teaching method have certainly made all the difference in helping me to achieve my goal. Cathy Burton   |   7/9/2011  |   Morden


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