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Driving School Morden South London
Driving School Morden South London

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Driving Lesson Prices in Morden and South London

 At My Driving Tutor, we offer a selection of Driving Lessons in Morden Courses, Packages and Plans to suit your budget and your schedule. Please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements and current experience levels so that we can provide the best possible package for you.  


 Driving School in Morden and South London


Our first priority is to ensure that all our pupils learn to drive safely and with confidence.

Your options


6 lesson block


This is the shortest block of lessons that we offer. It is recommended for polishing final skills before a test or as a taster course. The lessons are efficient. Each lesson is one hour.



 12 lesson block


This common block of driving lessons is a slightly cheaper alternative to the 20 lesson block where our instructors will spend time developing road confidence and driving skills. Each lesson is one hour.



20 lesson block


This is our most popular block of lessons for new drivers that are keen to embrace every opportunity to pass their test with us, first time. Each lesson is one hour.


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Tailored To You

We offer a door to door service from your home, school, college and work so that you can fit your lessons easily into your day to day schedule. You can also choose to learn with a male or female driving instructor. We tailor our services so that you feel comfortable and relaxed asking questions and excelling.


Intensive Driving Courses Prices

Bespoke driving courses designed to fit around you, over a period of 5-7 days with a free 1 hour assessment on suitability for the course. Courses range from an intensive 40 hour, one 2 one, 8 day intensive course for new drivers who have never driven before, to a 2 day, 10 hour course for students seeking to identify and correct driving faults that caused them to fail a previous test.



10 hours


This service includes 10 hours worth of lessons which we tailor to fit within your schedule. 


20 hours


This service includes 20 hours worth of lessons which we tailor to fit within your schedule.


30 hours


This service includes 30 hours worth of lessons which we tailor to fit within your schedule.


40 hours


This service includes 40 hours worth of lessons which we tailor to fit within your schedule.


 Morden driving teacher marks theory test

Pass Plus Course

Our Pass Plus courses help new drivers to increase both their confidence and their awareness of the many dangers, which can be found on today’s roads. 

This course is 6 hours.


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Refresher Courses

Whether you are a relatively new driver or have been driving for years, there are many reasons why a refresher driving lesson would be very beneficial to you. These are designed to re-construct your confidence and refresh driving ability.


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Extending Our Services

Other driving lesson options are available for you which aren't specified on this website. These range from single, basic lessons starting from £9.50 an hour, to advanced courses.


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